Spousal Support or Alimony


            In Texas, either spouse has the right to ask the court to award them post divorce spousal support, commonly called alimony, under certain circumstances.  Texas law limits these circumstances, as well as the amount awarded and duration of payment, a bit more strictly than other states.  That being said, if you do fit the criteria, you need an attorney who can help you to petition the court for the relief you need to get back on your feet after a divorce.  At the Law Offices of Shawn H. Smith, I understand that a divorce can mean a major shift in your ability to provide for yourself, and I will help you get what you need from the divorce process in order for you to get your life back in order.

            If you believe you are eligible for post divorce spousal maintenance, or if someone is seeking spousal maintenance from you, call me to discuss the details.  The regulations on spousal maintenance in Texas limit it to a very select group of circumstances.  Among the factors taken into account are: ability of the parties to support themselves or earn a living post divorce, education and employment skills of each spouse, age, one spouse paying for another’s education, children having a disability, one spouse causing outrageous expenditures during the marriage, history of family violence convictions, and adultery. If you call me, I can help you to determine whether or not you fall into one of these categories, and how much support you may be able to receive.

I can also help to defend you if someone is erroneously seeking support from you.  I understand that divorce can be a contentious and expensive process, and you need to be sure that you are not required to give more than your fair share.  Call me today with your spousal maintenance defense questions- the first consultation is free.

            The state of Texas allows for two general categories of spousal support: temporary support during the divorce process and post divorce spousal maintenance. Post divorce, you are generally limited to a maximum of $2,500 a month for a time not to exceed three years.  Even though the amount of support you can get is fairly limited, it can be an extremely important part of rebuilding your life after a divorce, allowing you the time you need to find alternate ways of supporting yourself.  I understand this and will fight to get you the full amount of alimony or spousal maintenance allowed by law.

Call me today for your free initial consultation if you believe you deserve spousal support or alimony, or if someone is seeking alimony from you.  I am dedicated to serving the families of Bexar and surrounding counties, and have dedicated my career to finding fair and balanced results for my clients. 



Shawn H. Smith is an experienced family law attorney serving San Antonio, Seguin, New Braunfels, San Marcos, Floresville and more.  Call today for your free consultation, available nights and weekends for your convenience.


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