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            As a San Antonio Divorce Attorney, I am very familiar with the Bexar County court system.  I have experience in helping San Antonio families navigate the often-difficult process of separation and divorce with dignity and civility.  On the other hand, I have also been very successful when things do get tough and you need someone to fight tenaciously to defend your rights. I am of the opinion that things work best when the parties can come to some sort of agreement as to child custody and property settlement, but if this is not possible I will not shy away from a fight.

 If you have made the decision to seek a divorce in San Antonio, you need the help of an experienced family law attorney.  You will need help with each phase of the process.  In some cases this will mean a contested temporary orders hearing, continuing on to a contested final trial.  In other cases, there may be an opportunity to work things out prior to the necessity of an actual trial.  This can happen through a formal mediation or just informal negotiation between the attorneys for the parties.  Whatever the circumstance, I have the experience to help you get the settlement you need, whether we are talking about child custody and support or property issues.


            Family law cases in San Antonio are generally heard in the Bexar County Courthouse.  Bexar County uses what is called a “Presiding” system.  This means that if your attorney files a petition for divorce, and you receive a court date, it is likely that you will be told to report to the Presiding court.  This is a courtroom where preliminary matters can be disposed of and, should a hearing be necessary, the presiding judge will refer you to a Judge who is able to hear your case. 

            Once your case has been transferred to a Judge from presiding, you will have an allotted amount of time, which has been announced prior to the hearing by your attorney, to complete the hearing.  This could be anywhere from 10 minutes for a motion to continue the case to another day all the way up to several days or a week for a contested final hearing.  Your lawyer will be able to give you a better idea of what to expect prior to the hearing, so you will be able to plan accordingly.



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