Enforcement of Court Orders


            You have the right to ask the court to enforce orders for child support, child custody, or property division when your ex is not living up to their end of the bargain. 

Enforcement of Property Division:  You have the right, within a certain time of the signing of the divorce decree, to ask a court to enforce a division of property that was in existence at the time of the divorce.  You can also have the court enforce orders to divide future property as well, subject to time limitations as well.  Either way, your first step is to contact a family law attorney to file the lawsuit for you to ensure that you don’t miss your chance to have your rights upheld in court.  Call me today with your questions about enforcement of property division orders, I will fight to get you the property you are entitled to.

Enforcement of Spousal Support: If your spouse is not paying you the spousal maintenance that they were ordered to pay, I can help you get them back into court to get you what you deserve.  In Texas, you can file a lawsuit to have the court enforce their orders for spousal maintenance or support by any means available for collecting a debt.  Call me today to discuss your options for enforcing spousal maintenance orders.

Enforcement of Child Support Orders:  Texas takes the collection of child support very seriously.  If your ex is not paying the child support they have been ordered to pay, we can work in conjunction with the Office of the Attorney General to bring a number of different remedies to the table.  Let the Law Offices of Shawn H. Smith file your child support enforcement lawsuit, and I will use every tool available in the Texas Family code to make sure you get the support your children need.  Child support and custody enforcement are unique in that we can actually have your ex spouse held in contempt of court for not paying what they owe.  This is a powerful tool to protect children in Texas from the deadbeat parents who will go to any lengths to avoid paying what they owe.  Call me today with your questions about enforcing child support orders, let me help you get what you need to care for your children.

Enforcement Of Child Custody And Visitation:  In the event that you are not being allowed to see your children on the dates and times scheduled, you can call me to help you file a lawsuit to enforce the visitation and custody rights granted to you by the court.  You will have powerful tools at your hands, like holding the offending spouse in contempt of court, and I can help you get what you deserve.  I understand that time with your children is precious, and I am willing to do whatever I can to assure that the possession and access ordered by the court is enforced.  Please call me today with your questions about enforcement of Child Custody and Visitation. Your first consultation is always free.


Defense: I am also available to help you defend any allegations that you are not following court orders, and I will help you clear your name and get back on track.  Call today to find out what defenses are available to you in this situation, and how I can help you get through this.

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